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I FINALLY DID IT!!😝 maybe wooden boards aren’t the best to do them on!😂 I failed at doing 2, then tonight at the gym I did three with absolute ease!💪


life’s better when your tanned and toned.😏✅ #wheredidmyabsgo #theyplayin

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Quinoa Breakfast Bowl…RECIPE

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Feeling like @megmo7 with a bun 🙆 had to take it out and put it back in a pony cause buns and running and sprinting and burpees do not mix well 😂 wasn’t exactly too excited to workout today because my coaches functional workouts she gives me always are super challenging… And plyos are super challenging… And a full plyo functional workout is hell. I am 100% sure that my cause of death with be from plyos 🙈💀💦 but I got it done and killed it! Or it killed me. 😂 also, I just want to say that this 👆👆👆 this is healthy for me. I am by no means super lean, but I’m also not out of shape either. No I don’t know how much I weigh because I don’t weigh myself. I don’t even know how much I weighed on my show day because I didn’t weigh myself. Numbers do not define how fit and healthy you are. You could put two people side by side who both weigh 140lbs but one of them is 15% body fat and the other one is 35% body fat they would look totally different. So stop stop stop weighing yourself! SCALES ARE FOR FISHES. 🐠 Don’t obsess over a number, whether it’s macros, your weight, how many calories you burn, it does not matter. Work your ass off every day and be happy and be healthy🐥☺️

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