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Quads and glutes growing :)

What am I doing wronggg

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Sometimes an urge hits me- “you must go make tasty baked healthy goodness now." So yesterday when, in the middle of watching Game of Thrones, David’s brother called for the first time since getting back from Army Basic Training, I jumped up, ran to the kitchen, and fed the recipe-inspiration-monster. These bars were the phenomenal result. While not exactly nutrient packed, these magic bars are much lower calorie/fat/carb than typical recipes while still satisfying whatever chocolatey, nutty, coconutty cravings you might have!

For more (gluten free!) baked better-for-you deliciousness go here! :)


Quinoa Bowl with Crispy Baked Kale, Cauliflower and Carrots / Recipe

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crazy legs

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The day that I run in just a sports bra and spandex is the day that I have conquered all fears

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This is what waking up and seeing that I’ve reached my June goal looks like. 129 pounds, baby!!! 🎉😁👏




Creamy Vegan Garlic Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes

I made this tonight and it was heavenly. 10/10 would recommend


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